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Kurt Adler Star Wars Waterglobes

Water Globes or Snow Globes have been around since the early 19th Century in France and they have been a popular decoration ever since. A snow globe is a glass sphere that encloses a miniaturized figure, a scene or a landscape. Quick Navigation Kurt Adler Yoda Star Wars Classic WaterglobeKurt Adler Stormtrooper Christmas Tree WaterglobeKurt […]


Kurt Adler Star Wars Tree Toppers

Christmas Tree Toppers have traditionally been Angels or Stars, the most popular being the Angel followed by the Star. As time went by, the traditional tree toppers made way for figures like Santa Claus, the Snowman and other non-religious figures. The swing away from tradition opened the doors for a host of other Christmas Tree […]


Kurt Adler Star Wars Christmas Decorations

Most Christmas decorations are designed with children in mind. Nutcrackers, striped candy canes, colored balls, tinsel streamers, Christmas Tree ornaments and toppers, frosty snowmen…the list goes on. They all capture kids imagination but some decorations appeal to both adults and kids alike? And none more-so than Kurt Adler Star Wars Christmas Decorations. Star Wars collectors […]